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Advantages for you

Quick invoice payment

Clients complete online payments within 6 days from the invoice issue date on average. With a payment card Barion your payment terms will shorten significantly and you may have the funds on your account on the same day, regardless of from which bank the client paid.

Lowest transaction fees

We bring online payments in cooperation with payment gateways, which must have licenses from the National Bank. And thanks to our close and friendly cooperation, we can offer our clients the best conditions for online payments on the Slovak market.

Free modules for your eshop

You will also be able to use online payments outside of SuperFaktura, for example in your e-shop. Each of the partners has a wide range of free modules for different systems. In addition, you only pay a fee for real payments. Nothing more. No account management, no minimum monthly payment.

Supported payment gateways


The ubiquitous payment gateway, supports card payments in addition to online transfers. A suitable method, mainly for foreign clients. However, the disadvantage is higher payment fees.

· from 1,9 % do 3,4 % + fixed fee approximately 0,37 € (depending on monthly turnover)

logo PayPal


Payment gateway with the lowest long-term fees on the market. You can use the payment buttons of Slovak banks and, of course, card payments.

· 0,99 % for card payments
Payment buttons:
· 0,89 % + 0,1 € for turnover of over 3 000 €/month
· 0,99 % + 0,1 € for turnover of over 3 000 €/month

logo Barion


Slovak payment gateway suitable for invoices for higher amounts thanks to unique programme FIX available only with SuperFaktúra.

Fees for programme Standard:
· 0,89 % + 0,10 €

Fees for programme FIX:
· 0,89 € (payment up to 500 €)
· 1,59 € (payment from 500 € to 1 000 €)
· 2,59 € (payment 1 000 €)

Card payments:
· cca 0,99 % + 0,10 €

logo Besteron

Advantages for your clients

Extremely simple to use

Online payments represent the simplest form of payment. Simply click on the button on the invoice or email, select your bank and confirm payment.

There is no transcription of details

All details necessary for payment (account number, amount, variable symbol, and more) are transferred directly into the client’s Internet banking. There is no reason to simply put off paying invoices until later.

Card payments accepted

You can also accept card payments to simplify the payment process for your clients even more.