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You sell goods online and to manually deal with invoices is a comic idea.
You will take care of business and we will take care of the legislation

You will take care of business and we will take care of the legislation

Who would have liked to care at how the VAT rates on the invoice should be itemized, what form should be included in the tax document, how an invoice should look like in German, or where to specify the recount for the invoice in euro. We have studied it and taught it SuperFaktura. Meanwhile you can work on your eshop.

Expose the invoice for free without registration
Open system

Open system

Whether you have a standard solution or tailor-made eshop, there is nothing to stop you linking your bussines to SuperFaktura. We are open to the world, and anyone can join us. But before you begin, check out our list of our APIs - maybe someone has done it for you.

What can work with Superfaktura?
Export for courier

Export for courier

Do you simply want to transmit address information to your courier? With SuperFaktura, you do not have to find modules in your eshop or find complex transfer bridges, and you do not need to overwrite anything at all. In a few clicks, you transfer the data to your courier, and you just wait for him to pick up your goods.

What couriers do we support?
Export to accounting

Export to accounting

Your accountant can download all the documents he needs. Both in format for its accounting system, as well as PDF for print and bookkeeping. This will solve everything digitally and save time for you and your accountant.

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More eshops, no problem

More eshops, no problem

Do you have more eshops? We even thought about this. You can simply send data from multiple eshops to SuperFaktura at once. And if every e-shop will have a logo on your invoice, or if you have individual numbers, it's just your decision.

You know how much you earn and spend

You know how much you earn and spend

In SuperFaktura, you will get your costs and revenue together so you can see which customer purchases the most from you, find out how your cashflow looks, or how much you pay for VAT, and you can access all of this information from your mobile.

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Frequently asked questions

Which eshops can be linked to SuperFaktura?
"Over our API, it is possible to connect almost any eshop to SuperFaktura.If you have a smart programmer, you should not have the problem to do so.A simple API client is available as well as modules to the most commonly used eshop, these solutions available to our clients we provide free of charge.

You can find your API key in your account under "Tools"> "API."
How do I get my invoices to the accountant?
SuperFaktura tries to make it easier for businessmen and accountants to make the most of their work. You can easily export your data directly in the appropriate format for the accounting software you use. Also you can create your accountant access to your account and you do not have to worry about it anymore, your accountant can sign up and download the necessary data at any time.

You can find everything you need in the "Tools"> "Export Agenda" section.

After choosing a time period and sorting invoices by the date of issue or delivery, simply tick the box for the type of data you need. We support import to the most used accounting software such as MONEY, MRP, POHODA and PROLUC.

In addition to these software, data can be downloaded from Excel, PDF, or the ISDOC e-invoicing standard.
Do I have to pay immediately after registration?
You do not have to. Immediately after signing up, you will be given 30 days free of charge to try the SuperFaktura without any obligation. During this time, you have time to try out all the features and choose to buy.